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Patients in Fair Oaks look to our doctors of chiropractic to help with back pain, neck pain, pain from headaches and migraines, and pain stemming from automobile accident injuries. Patients come to us for holistic health and long-term support. We’re rated 5/5 for the care and support we provide our patients. You’ll love our staff and you’ll really love our approach to pain management through chiropractic care.

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Fair Oaks Chiropractor
Family Wellness Chiropractic in Fair Oaks, CA

Long-Term Care & Support

At Back to Health Chiropractic, we believe in holistic health and will look to a variety of health areas, past and present.

We’ll observe nutritional habits, pain sustained from an earlier injury, x-rays and more. Once we gain a thorough understanding of a patient’s health, we then develop a plan to help them start feeling better as soon as possible. We’ve used this exact process for over 25 years and our longtime patients continue to turn to us for our approach to their health.

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Ready to schedule an appointment? You’re welcome to call us at 916-933-7022 to schedule an appointment with our nearest office or you can schedule an appointment online anytime. 

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