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Welcome New Patients

Because pain is only a symptom, we first pinpoint the underlying cause with a comprehensive, interactive and high-tech exam that includes a neurological evaluation, motion and posture testing, digital x-rays and more.

If these findings suggest chiropractic care will benefit you, we’ll present a personalized care plan and strategy to help you achieve unbelievable results.

Before You Arrive

To help you maximize the value of your time on your first visit, we recommend that you download and complete the appropriate patient form below prior to arriving. If you are unable to do so, please arrive at your appointment ahead of the scheduled time. Take your time when completing this form as our doctors need to learn as much about your health history, chief complaints and health goals as they can prior to your first visit.

Initial Consultation

We call our process an experience because it is much more than a routine evaluation and it starts with a highly interactive consultation with one of our qualified and caring doctors. We focus on learning as much as we can about your chief complaints, your health history and trauma record as well as your specific health and wellness goals. From this we can tailor a specific examination process that is best suited for you.

Specialized Examination

Our examination goal is to determine if your symptoms are coming from vertebral subluxation, specific misalignments of your spinal vertebrae interfering with proper neurological function.

We start with advanced neurological testing, with our Insight Subluxation Station, to determine how well your nervous is handling your unique stressors. This cutting edge technology involves thermography, surface electromyogram (EMG), and heart rate variability testing, allowing us to accurately measure the health of your nervous system, giving us your unique 3-part Core Score.

After this you will undergo a thorough Chiropractic spinal motion analysis as well as static and dynamic posture assessments. If warranted, high frequency digital x-rays will be taken to help us determine the extent and severity of your spinal subluxations and to determine what Chiropractic techniques are most appropriate.

​Once we have completed this intensive process you will be scheduled for a follow-up visit later that day or the next day, at which time our doctors will give you a complete report of their findings.

Report of Findings

At this visit we specifically relate our findings to you, while explaining every detail of your examination results. If we feel you are a candidate for Chiropractic care we will present a detailed, comprehensive care plan, including care schedule and cost of care breakdown based on your unique findings. We set realistic expectations for you and we outline specific strategies for implementing corrective spinal exercises, stress management techniques and whole food nutrition.

Finally, we review the costs of care, including insurance billing possibilities and we establish affordable care plan pricing for you if needed.

Then we start the process of getting your health back on track by clearing your nervous system of interference with gentle, specific, spinal adjustments. Together we begin the work needed to get you back to your health potential.


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