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Performance Wellness

How We Maximize Your Performance

Chiropractic care can help you prevent and recover from injuries and your overall body health – optimize performance in sports and life!

Performance wellness at Back to Health Chiropractic encompasses 3 distinct areas of care: sports injury care, spinal correction and rehabilitation, and we provide a functional fitness assessment to maximize your potential.
Sports Injury Care

Sports Injury Care

Our doctors are highly trained to care for a myriad of sports injuries. Whether it be shoulder impingement, concussions, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and wrist pain, hip flexor dysfunction, knee tendinitis, ankle and foot sprains our team is more than capable of managing a complete, natural recovery for our athletes and weekend warriors.

Spinal Correction & Rehabilitation

​At Back to Health our focus is on properly diagnosing our new client’s condition quickly helping them out of their crisis so we can turn our focus to correcting their spinal condition with specific, scientific spinal adjustments and specialized rehab protocols. We know that quick fix patch job care does not last, and that spinal correction leading to wellness is the most effective strategy we can take toward helping our clients a true health renewal.

Spinal Correction & Rehab
Fitness Assessment

Functional Fitness Assessments

​We currently support multiple local gyms for the purpose of providing their members with functional testing, injury prevention education, and stretching classes. Our focus is to help members prevent injuries from occurring, and when they do occur, we help them recover rapidly so they do not get out of their fitness rhythm.

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