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How We Help Families

Family members pursuing health renewal at the same time have greater success achieving vitalism and optimum health. Important factors include eating right, regular spine checks, nervous systems “tuned up” and taking care of yourself, not just the kids!

​At Back to Health Chiropractic we know that family members tend to respond to stress in the same way, and that they often follow the same lifestyle. When one family member has a health crisis or issue the whole family suffers. When whole families follow the chiropractic lifestyle they experience elevated health expression in all phases of life. When you visit our offices you will see newborns and senior citizens all experience of Chiropractic care.

Sublaxation-Based Chiropractic Care

We take our families and individuals through an extensive process to determine if they have subluxations and if they are candidates for chiropractic care. This starts our New Patient Experience which includes a detailed case history, lifestyle assessment and an establishment of health goals. This is followed by a detailed examination that includes: thermography, electromyogram, heart rate variability, skin conduction activity, digital posture assessment, gait and balance testing, spinal motion evaluation and digital x-rays. This is followed by a detailed report of our findings where we outline a holistic health strategy for you and your family.

Specialized Family Care

We outline a holistic health strategy for the whole family. This involves an implementation of the chiropractic lifestyle of specific spinal adjustments, active spinal exercising, breathing and relaxation practices, and nutritional counseling and whole food supplementation.

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Healthier Kids – Part 1

The A.D.H.D. Generation   Bottom Line: Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is commonly identified when a child has difficulty paying attention and controlling their behavior. Over the past ten years, we have witnessed the rate of children diagnosed with...

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Healthier Kids – Part 2

Why Growing Up "Regular" is a Good Thing Bottom Line: Constipation is a common issue for children. It also stinks for parents. No one enjoys luring their child to the potty with a reward hanging in the balance for a job well done. But, for many families, the frequency of...

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Healthier Kids – Part 3

​Kids and Colic   Bottom Line: There’s nothing like the sound of a colicky baby. If you’ve experienced this in the past, I hope that sentence didn’t send shivers down your spine. Colic is characterized by intense crying and fussiness for 3 or more hours a day, which...

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Healthier Kids – Part 4

The Truth About Ear Infections Bottom Line: Chronic ear infections, or otitis media, can be frustrating for both a child and their parents. While the child is dealing with the painful inflammation and fluid build-up in the middle ear, many parents find it challenging to...

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Living Inside Out

In over 26 years as a practicing Chiropractor I routinely have clients tell me that they do not get sick as often as they did prior to starting Chiropractic care. They often wonder why. At a basic level our spine houses and protects our nervous system, and our nervous...

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5 Morning Principles to Ensure An Epic Life for Your Child

Having raised 2 boys in a more natural way we focused on planning our children's health in advance by creating a lifestyle with mechanisms that became routines with a focus on morning mastery. We have learned first hand that healthy kids are happier kids, and happier kids...

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