Better Results Faster Webinar Questionnaire

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2. Are Americans today healthy or sick?(Required)
3. Who spends the most money on healthcare?(Required)
4. Who takes the most medication?(Required)
5. Where does the US rank among healthy nations?(Required)
6. Who is in charge of your health?(Required)
8. Are you as healthy as you want to be?(Required)
10. Are you designed to be sick or be healthy?(Required)
11. Is your body smart or stupid?(Required)
12. What system is most critical for optimal health?(Required)
13. What protects your nervous system?(Required)
14. Is your life stressful?(Required)
16. What is the underlying cause of most health problems?(Required)
17. How is your nervous system functioning?(Required)
18. How should you react to problems with your nervous system?(Required)
19. What is the best time to deal with your health issues?(Required)
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