Sustainable Weight Loss: Part 4

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Can Chiropractic Help You Lose Weight?

Sound crazy? It’s not. Dr. Ron Simms, D.C. has been helping people prevent and overcome pain for over 25 years. Because nutritional issues are commonly the underlying cause of pain, Back To Health Chiropractic now offers a unique and effective Nutritional Renewal program as
a critical element of whole-body wellness.

Bottom Line: If you are looking to lose a few extra pounds this month, you are not alone. Many of our patients are working towards a similar goal. How you move, eat, and think every day will determine your success. All three are part of maintaining an active lifestyle. So where does Chiropractic fit in? Read on…

Why it Matters: Unfortunately, no Chiropractic technique takes off 10 pounds with each adjustment; but people just like you have been able to maintain a healthy weight by adding Chiropractic care into their active lifestyle. Research suggests periodic Chiropractic care can help evaluate, detect and treat emerging problems. So, by reducing injuries, you will be able to stay active and keep your exercise routine on track. Also, many people report reduced stress after getting adjusted. This makes senses because research studies have shown reduced muscle tension in the shoulders after an adjustment.

And finally, we firmly believe healthy food choices make a significant impact on your body’s ability to be well and stay well. Eating healthy whole foods and sometimes even using select supplements can give your body the fuel it needs to get through the day.

Chiropractic has been shown to reduce the stress and tension in the muscles that support your head and neck.
Staying active with daily exercise will help keep your muscles toned and reduce your risk of injury.
Lower your sugar intake to avoid those devastating blood sugar crashes in the afternoon.

Next Steps: Read our entire 4-part blog series of articles on the subject of Sustainable Weight Loss.
Watch an in-depth video of Dr. Simms describing how our chiropractic approach addresses the many of the common underlying causes of weight gain. Dr. Simms also dispels common myths about weight loss/gain to help you get started with your sustainable weight management program.
If you ready to get started immediately, give us a call for to learn more and schedule an appointment with one of our Chiropractic Doctors. Our team is here to support your ability to move, think, and eat in a way that results in achieving your healthcare goals.

We know moving your body, making smart dietary choices, and managing your stress, you will put yourself in the best place possible to live your best life. We are proud to be your partner in health.

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