End Allergies & Asthma: Part 1

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What are Allergies?

​Bottom Line: Research has shown high levels of stress can cause your allergies to become worse. Mental stress can upset the balance of your nervous and immune systems. If your nervous system is overstimulated with stress, it can affect the response of your immune system to an allergen. By decreasing mental stress, your immune system can function better and head off many allergies at the pass.

Why it Matters: Exciting new research has showcased how stress reduction can reduce the symptoms we associate with seasonal allergies. Meditation and chiropractic adjustments have been shown to reduce stress levels. And with reduced stress levels, your immune system has the potential to function at a higher level. Feeling more relaxed is something all of us could benefit from- and it may even help reduce your seasonal allergies.
Physical, chemical, and emotional stress can cause your immune system to become hypersensitive
A hypersensitive immune system often overreacts to a potential threat resulting in worsening allergies
Reduce stress, and allergies, with a stress-reducing activity like exercise, meditation, or even getting adjusted!

Next Steps: Aside from putting you in a bad mood, being over-stressed has far-reaching effects on your body. If you “start to feel your allergies coming on” find stress-reducing activities that you enjoy. It may be reading a book, meditating, getting a massage, or perhaps even getting a chiropractic adjustment. Feeling better mentally and reducing your seasonal allergies are just a few of the benefits you can expect by lowering your stress levels!

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