5 Morning Principles to Ensure An Epic Life for Your Child

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Having raised 2 boys in a more natural way we focused on planning our children’s health in advance by creating a lifestyle with mechanisms that became routines with a focus on morning mastery.

We have learned first hand that healthy kids are happier kids, and happier kids are more successful!!!

We knew we needed to intentionally stoke their BONFIRE – They way your child moves (AIR), the way they eats (FUEL), they way they think (SPARK). All 3 elements are needed to ignite your child to leave to school fired up to have a great day, week and year.

The typical school-day morning is chaotic with little time for a connection with mom and dad. As a result, kids often leave for school with toxic food rather than healthy snacks for the day. The bottom line: HEALTHY KIDS ARE HAPPIER KIDS. HAPPIER KIDS ARE MORE SUCCESSFUL in school and life. Lets break this pattern and follow these 5 morning principles for an epic life for your child.

1. Fuel them properly with super food smoothies from plants like kale and spinach, with healthy free range and veggie based proteins, and healthy fats. No fruit sugar bombs!

2. Keep them moving with walking, stretching and air squatting to start their day as they are soon to be sedentary all day long with poor posture. Studies have shown we cannot learn without motion.

3. Keep their spine in alignment which keeps our nervous systems working properly which elevates our overall health and function and our ability to adapt to stress.

4. Happiness comes before success. Leave the house laughing with your child. Help ease the tension with a positive attitude!

5. Two-Minute Rule – Be present, loving and attending to them, while truly quieting down and listen to them. Be sure to lock eyes with them as you part ways!

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